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A Personal Banker for All

Meet Ernest

💵 Get immediate answers on your outgoings, such as "What did I spend on food last week?"

🎯 Set your saving goal and Ernest will work with you to reach your targets

📊 Ernest learns your spending habits over time, and notifies you of ways you can save money

❤️ Connect you and your partner's bank accounts to get the the overview of your family balance

Why you should
trust Ernest?

Ernest is a read-only 📑 application. Your data & communications are encrypted 🔐 and we do not store your bank login credentials 💳. Moreover all your data is held within the EU 🇪🇺.

Simplify your life

Ernest is a personal banker for all, powered by Artificial Intelligence: a chatbot that connects to all your bank accounts, answers questions and proactively gives you insights on your personal finances in natural language.

More than your banking app